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          Quality control
          The birth of every product is the best witness of our growth. We have been striving to Chi-made the qualified products for the health of human-being
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          Quality Control Center
          Since 2005,we have adhered to the concept of high-tech, high-quality products; and management concept of light assets and heavy teams.

          QC Center of Our Factory in Xi'an

          Our company has adhered to the high-tech and high-quality product concept for many years; adhering to the strict standards of drug management, the company has made great progress in the field of health.

          Our product and quality control center is located in the CaoTang Industrial Park in Xi'an High-tech Zone, and is carried by the 10,000-grade clean room. All our products with the organic certification, Kosher certification, SC certification, ISO9001 certification, HACCP certification approved and export food production enterprises for record.

          Contract with Third-Party Lab

          Xi’an Natural Field Bio Technology Co,.Ltd.We are cooperation with several Authority third parties such as SGS, Eurofin, UNQD to test our products and make a guarantee of the quality for the customers.we tested the assay,water,Odor, Heavy Metals ,Solvent Residue,pesticide residue,Protein,Microbiological,so on for assure our products Meet the requirements of relevant countries and regions!
          Committed To The R&D, Production And Sales of Raw Materials In The Field of Big Health
          Phone: 029-68815007 029-87973100
          Fax: 029-68740706
          Mail: sales@natural-field.com
          Add: 5th Floor, Building B,No.57,Keji 3rd Road, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an,710075,China

          Official Wechat Account

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          Copyright statement technique support Ming Yuan Technique
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