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          Talent Recruitment
          The birth of every product is the best witness of our growth. We have been striving to Chi-made the qualified products for the health of human-being

          Talent Idea

          Original Site: 2019-06-25 18:41:34

          Take virtue first, be eclectic, people do their best, just do their best.

          Committed To The R&D, Production And Sales of Raw Materials In The Field of Big Health
          Phone: 029-87973630 / 029-68815007
          Mail: sales@natural-field.com
          Purchase Dept.:029-87979147 / 13709286207
          Purchase Dept. Mail:purchase@natural-field.com
          Add: 5th Floor, Building B,No.57,Keji 3rd Road, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an,710075,Ch

          Official Wechat Account

          Xi’an Natural Field Bio-technique Co., Ltd (copyright reserved)
          Copyright statement technique support Ming Yuan Technique
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